HEY NOW! :^)

"I have no idea what's going on!?"

Me: Let’s reenact the spaghetti scene from Lady & The Tramp?
Him: Let’s not. 
:’^( (at Bella Napoli Restaurant & Pizzeria)
Hanging with this handsome devil.  ❤️❤️❤  #TeeHee️ (at Sports Grill Bird Road)
I’d like to share this with the wieners that work behind the counter of a parts distributor in Doral. Instead providing solid customer service, they choose to focus on their horrible hair, obnoxious reff music, and poking each other in the ass with paper clips. I wish them all nothing but the worst and that they all EAD.
I popped my growler cherry thanks to a little motivation from @michaeldhart80, and got an extra treat. S/O to @immatureriver for finding @mendezfuel 
So many goodies. #Unita #DoubleImperialBlackIPA #GreenFlashBrewingCo #DoubleStoutBlackAle #AllBlackEverything
Muh sammich will make it all better. 😔 (at Sarussi Subs)
He needs his check up, too. 
It’s more serious than we thought.
Patient: Am I going to live, Doctor?!
Dr. L: As long as we cut off your big toe, you will be fine.

Time for morning stretches. 👸